Operation Finally Home / Charles Lemon


SPC Charles Lemon

Sunstone Construction along with Community Partners In Revitalization are proud to announce “Operation Finally Home / Charles Lemon”.

The mission of Operation Finally Home is to provide new custom built specially adapted mortgage free homes to wounded and disabled veterans in an effort to get their lives back on track and become productive members of their communities so they may ultimately enjoy a productive and rewarding life.
SPC Charles Lemon is an unbelievably strong young man in all senses of the word. While deployed to Iraq, on June 8, 2011, SPC Lemon was tragically wounded by an anti-armor explosive device that destroyed his Humvee. SPC Lemon was the gunner and his best friend that was driving was incinerated in the blast. SPC Lemon lost both legs – Right leg at the hip and left leg just below the hip.
Upon completion of SPC Lemon’s rehabilitation this fall, SPC Lemon plans to settle in his hometown of Tampa, Florida where he wants to continue his education and involvement in helping others rehab through adaptive sports including kayaking and cycling.
If you wish to contribute either labor or a tax-free monetary donation to “Operation Finally Home / Charles Lemon” and to honor and thank Charles who has sacrificed in defending our country in the global War on Terror, please feel free to contact Brian Lamb at